Snow Wolf Shovel formerly Sno Wovel

Ergonomic Wheeled Snow Shovel

Snow Wolf Shovel formerly Sno Wovel was created for those who are looking for an easier, faster and safer way to clear sidewalks or driveways. Clearing snow with virtually no effort using the Ergonomic wheeled Snow Shovel "Snow Wolf Shovel" is the way to go. The Snow Wolf Shovel design helps to reduce your risk of back and heart injury associated to normal snow shoveling.

Watch the video to see how the snow wolf shovel revolutionizes the old way of manual snow removal by as much as three times faster as well as safer.

Limited Supply
Order Now $139.00 includes F-R-E-E Shipping in the Continental U.S.!
Your Snow Wolf Shovel will leverage the weight of the snow at the axel to create a seesaw action for the tool itself and not your back. This seesaw action allows you to throw twice as much snow with less effort or strain on the human body.

This tool is quiet, environmentally clean and virtually maintenance-free while out performing many snow blowers.

Crafted with a heavy gauge steel and injection-molded polypropylene, the Snow Wolf Shovel can allow you to move up to 2-feet of heavy snow with its 26" extra wide blade (slush too).

The Snow Wolf Shovel features a unique folding frame for a more convenient frame adjustment, storage and portability.

We have been in business since 1945 and look forward to serving your needs for a new Snow Wolf Shovel TODAY!

This is a tool that you can trust your kids with too!

No worrying about expensive messy fuels that are potentially bad for you and our environment as well.

The first time you use your new Snow Wolf Shovel you will know that it is the best purchase that you have made in a long time.

Limited Supply
Order Now $139.00 includes F-R-E-E Shipping in the Continental U.S.!

The new Folding Frame Snow Wovel Shovel formerly Sno Wovel, are the only snow removal devices, performing equal to or better than a snow blower, that are recognized by Co-op America and National Green Pages™ for its positive, pollution-free environmental standards and zero carbon footprint in usage. Univ. of Mass. indpendent study confirms the wheeled snow shovel clears snow with a fraction of the effort and safer on the back: "comparable to simply walking."

The SNOW WOLF Shovel replaces our SNO WOVEL. 3 YEAR WARRANTY ON FRAME, WHEEL, AND TIRE! The World's Safest Snow Shovel--proven so by the Univ. of Mass. independent study. Virtually eliminating lower back stress! Stop aching and straining with your old snow shovel. Reduce the risks of back and heart injuries.

Features: Superb For Large Amounts Of Snow In All Conditions. Clears 3x Faster Than Snow Shoveling with Half the Effort and Less Risk of Injury. Outperforms Snowblowers Without The Expense Fumes Maintenance Or Noise. Top Ergonomic Research Center Verifies A 3X - 4X Reduction In Lower Back stress And Cardio Exertion. Stores Compactly By Folding Down Or Hanging Flat On The Wall.

Limited Supply
Order Now $139.00 includes F-R-E-E Shipping in the Continental U.S.!

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